Villa Moligon

This family house is located in the small historic village of Molignon.
The building is implanted in the centre of a vineyard, aligned with the valley “d’Hérens” to the south and to the west with castle of Sion.
The objective was to create a building integrated with the surroundings, without losing the contemporary aspect.
The construction is defined by one volume with two plans. The first one is turned to the north road, showing the splendid south and west views as well. On the other hand, the space under the roof offers us the double height and a mezzanine.
This concrete monolith was carved into the earth to mark the north entrance and to create the windows to the south.
Inside the concrete we discover the wooden elements, which allows us to have a contrast between the warm of the inside and the cold from outside.
Villa Molignon is constructed by concrete and wood materials and designed with a contemporary touch, giving it a mystical connection with the surroundings.